Welcome to the United Billiard Amateur League

UBAL is a revolutionary amateur billiard league with an innovative ball-in-hand handicap system. Now amateur players can run the table like the pros do!

How to join UBAL

4 Easy Steps
Register Online

Register on the UBAL app by clicking the Sign Up button! Register as a team or individual.
Register on the website for billiard halls & UBAL Reps!

Contact a UBAL Rep or Host a League

Contact a UBAL Rep in your area to find a billiard hall and manage the league's teams!
Become a UBAL Rep and host your own location with a minimum of 4 teams!

Download the UBAL App

Download the UBAL App on the Apple App Store and Google Play! The app allows you to register, score your matches, view scheduling, and pay dues.

Play and have Fun!

Play with family, friends, and colleagues to win cash prizes and enjoy a competitive environment!

We Love to See You Compete and have Fun!

2nd Session Begins:
September 5th, 2021

The Table Has Been Leveled

UBAL’s new ball-in-hand handicap system allows players to move the cue ball by hand and set up easier shots during their turn at the table.

The less skilled you are the more ball-in-hands you get per game.

The more skilled you are the less ball in hands you get per game.

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